Scholarships for International Students To Study Abroad

Though the talks of an international education brings joy, hope, and excitement, the barriers between your study abroad dreams and the reality of affording it, could be the high course fee & the long-drawn admission process.
Let’s look at the brighter side of things. AECC Global is here to help every student who wishes to stand out amongst the best and achieve their study abroad dreams. 
Hundreds of top universities abroad welcome international students, with attractive study abroad scholarship options. That’s right! There’s plenty of options out there, and we’ll guide you through the process and provide you with just the support you need. Having a scholarship will not only benefit you financially but also add significant value to your resume. 
Most of these scholarships include a substantial bulk payment, subsidies in education, and living allowances framed by the respective governments, to make the life of students more comfortable. These scholarships are granted to students based on the marks obtained by them in their last year of high school (for a bachelor’s admission) and in their bachelor’s degree (for master’s admission).  

We see your potential and help you earn a study abroad scholarship that adds significant value to your future.

Our international education counsellors proactively guide and support the students in choosing the top-ranking universities and the best courses that match the students’ interest. We make sure our students are provided with personalized support in applying and securing the top scholarships for international students available in the top 5 study abroad destinations across the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Scholarships for International students in Australia

Australia is a top choice for international students desiring to study abroad, owing to the high-quality education offered. The Australian Government & private universities are proactively bringing in top-notch international students across the world to Australia, by offering full scholarships to study abroad for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research studies.

Scholarships for International Students – highlights:

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC)
  • Contribution to living expense (CLE)
  • Tuition fees discount

Scholarships for International students in New Zealand

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world to study and live in, making it one of the choicest options for international students. The top universities in New Zealand offer multiple scholarships for International students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies. As a result, there is a rise in the number of International students applying for their studies in New Zealand.

Study Abroad Scholarship benefits:

  • Travel expenses covered
  • Travel insurance
  • Research and thesis cost for postgraduate students

Scholarships for International students in Canada

Canada has long been one of the most favourite study abroad destinations for students worldwide. Scholarships for International Students generously offered by the government have greatly benefited their studies abroad. International students can avail these scholarships and apply for PR after graduation.

Study Abroad Scholarship highlights:

  • Low tuition fees
  • Research opportunities
  • Travel allowance

Scholarships for International students in USA

Every year, the United States hosts a diverse and considerable number of students from across the world. The US Government, Universities & private educational institutions have been constantly helping students to pursue their higher education through scholarships. There is a range of full scholarships to study abroad for International students who wish to apply in the USA for both UG and PG programs.

Study Abroad Scholarship benefits:

  • Financial aid to research
  • Travel allowance
  • Full tuition fee waiver for special cases

Scholarships for International students in UK

The United Kingdom is a fascinatingly multicultural country and a renowned study abroad destination, holding up to 20% of the international students’ population in the world. A large number of students are pursuing their UG courses in the UK, through government and private universities funded scholarships and have been greatly benefitted by the offers.

Study Abroad Scholarship benefits:

  • Total course fee subsidy
  • Travel allowances 
  • Student card for local transportation

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